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Lion Mom baby at Kenya

Safari in Swahili means “journey”. It originated from the brave journeys taken by the white hunters of East Africa, who walked into the ‘bush’ to face and hunt the untamed animals of Africa. The ‘journeys’ lasted days and even weeks, and with them were an ensemble of local Africans who used to assist the hunter b carrying his rations, guns and setting up the tent, cook food and stand guard at nights.

Game drives, on the other hand is the drive taken around the African game reserves which lasts for certain hours and can run on successive days . Here the difference is that the visitor comes back to his established camp or resort and rests for the night.

In Modern times, both the words have more or less become synonymous and what we mean by an African Safari is basically African Game drives.

The Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya is perhaps the most well known game reserve in the world. The months from July to October is the perfect time to visit Masai Mara as it is the season of the great migration of millions of wildebeasts , zebras across the Mara river. These months, the game reserve teems with wild animals and thus thousands flock to the park to experience these game drives.

Here is a list of the 10 Best Game Reserves in Kenya.